Judging Criteria
The World Supermodel contestants will be judged in the traditional style and will cover the following areas:

1) Personal Interviews
Delegates will be interviewed by each of the high profile Guest Judge’s. This will be the first chance for the Judges to meet and greet the Delegates (dressed in their choice of casual clothing) in a CLOSED (to the public) environment.

2) Evening Gown
Evening Gown will be judged on the Design and Craftsmanship of the Garment and 20 seconds to explain what they are wearing and who designed their evening gown. Delegates need to demonstrate their poise and grace whilst in Formal Wear. Marks will be awarded on the Delegates ability to present their Formal Wear

3) Swimwear The Swimwear category will be judged and marks scored will be based on the Presentation, Cut and Style of the fabric. The entrants will be escorted one by one to a designated area, where they will introduce themselves in front of a panel of judges before leaving.

4) Photographic Portfolio This Category is judged during the production by our team of photographers where the Delegates will have the chance to demonstrate their ability to present themselves in front of camera

AWARDS will be awarded in the following Category’s
Winner-World Teen Supermodel
Second Runner-up
Miss Congeniality
Miss Photogenic
Best Evening Gown
Best Swimwear
The 8th Annual World Supermodel Judging Team
The judges who sealed the fate of the 8th World Supermodel winner included (L to R): Sanjay Chadha, the CEO and founder of Cerno Technologies; Duane Gazi-White, the Director of Scouting for Trump Models; Philippa Steel, Fiji’s first Supermodel discovered by the world’s leading model agency Trump Models; Natalie Marletta, the General Manager at the Pearl South Pacific Resort and Aisea Konrote, Fiji fashion designer.